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Software For Finance

Innovative software to invigorate the finance sector


the mission

Enscript seeks to revolutionize the way in which individuals and corporations across Sub-Saharan Africa can access and utilise financial services through the use of innovative technology.  We work alongside individuals with a wealth of experience in the finance industry to create unique solutions for everyday needs.


CediManager is a personal finance app we're launching this year on web and mobile. 

It's built to allow individuals to invest some of their income, simply. We're set to launch the web application in the coming months. Enter your email below if you're interested in getting early access.

Thanks for joining! We'll keep you posted!



Mettaxis is a collaborative corporate software we built so that all parties involved in purchase and sale of securities can work seamlessly on a single platform. If you work at a Brokerage Firm, a Trustee Institution, or an Asset Management Company, give us a call and we'll set up a date to present the application to you.


A small dedicated team of software developers and finance professionals, combining our expertise to deliver high quality fintech solutions to our users.

Victor Avevor
Financial Industry Consultant

Victor is currently the CEO of Ashfield investment managers. He was formerly the Head of Trading & Sales at Cal Brokers for the most part of 10 years, where he led the firm’s  sales  trading efforts. Victor first fell in love with fintech in 2008 when he worked with the team that introduced Ghana’s first app for direct market access to GSE. He has keen interest in the development of the Ghanaian & African equity markets. He’s served as technical committee member for the upgrade of GSE automated trading systems and for GSE’s trading rules review.

David Tamakloe

David  enjoys the creative process of designing and developing quality user-friendly software solutions. David has prior experience in building web and mobile applications in the microfinance sector and energy sector. Prior to this, David led a team that won first place in an Android Application Challenge organized by IPAC Ghana in collaboration with Google Ghana.



Fui has a prolific history of working with software systems across a plethora of industries. A serial entrepreneur who cofounder Vestracker and later Mentlo, a cargo tracking system & ERP for the logistics & freight industry respectively. He's a cryptocurrency enthusiast who founded , the now defunct, Crypttransact focused on the retail cryptocurrency for a niche market in Ghana. Dominic Fui likes to swim, watch movies, read asian light novels, and developing new infrastructure and solutions with software to solve the problems of today.

Contact us

+233 (0) 302 791 387

16 Noi Fetreke Street, Airport Residential, Accra.

P.O.Box MP 2399, Accra-Ghana.

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